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Grease & Waste Digestor

SCHNITZ logo>I am truly astonished at how good your grease trap deodoriser is. I
really wasn't expecting too much, but since day one of usage, my staff
and I have been amazed at how effective the product is. The smell in
the office area (where our grease trap is) has totally vanished!
I think you really have an incredible product here. I will be sure to let
others know how effective this deodoriser is.
Dean Sholl

North West Cleaning

North West Cleaning LogoAs discussed we have recently done a trial with the Enzyme Wizard products.

One of my clients is a mine site with a predominantly male staff we had a lot of trouble keeping the urinal clean and it would get blocked weekly. We started by rinsing the urinal with fresh water. Followed by a tw ice weekly treatment with
Grease and Waste digester, the urinal was sprayed with Bathroom/toilet cleaner and the product left on the stainless steel, not washed off, after a couple of treatments, my staff no longer had to scrub the grate with a wire brush and 2 months in the drain is not getting blocked and the smell has gone.

I was so impressed with the product we have now started the same program with 6 other clients who have experienced a similar blockage and smelL

I will definitely try the NEW Urinal Cleaner as you have suggested .

Many Thanks
Louise Muddle
North West Cleaning

St Thomas School, New Zealand

St thomas logoEnzyme Wizard’s products have far exceeded our expectations. Being a school it was very important to be using a product that was going to be able to clean to a high standard and  not be  harmful in any way to our students, parents or staff but still achieving the goal it is set out to do, being totally organic this product has been perfect in every way. We use various products that Enzyme Wizard produce and each and every one of them have been very effective along with leaving the area with a fresh clean smell.

A lot of our staff members also after seeing the results within the school are purchasing some of the products themselves.

I am more than happy with Enzyme Wizards products and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a product that actually does what it says it will do and is total safe around people.   

Glen Rothery
Property Manager

Godfrey's Customer

No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Godfrey imagesJust had another great customer review on the No Rinse hard floor solution.

Says after 3 uses she saved over $5000 on having to have her hard wood floors sanded back and re polished after a different product damaged the sheen. The company sold her another solution (clouding ammonia) to restore the
surface and made it worse.

She purchased a spray mop and 5ltr bottle and she says after only 3 uses she and her husband can easily see the difference. Thought you might like the feedback.
Jason Bond
GODFREYS I Company Store Ellenbrook