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EnviroWizard Oven Cleaner


EnviroWizard Descaler is a non-caustic Industrial strength Descaler.

Wet & scrub cleaner that removes calcium, lime and rust after a dwell time.

The surfactant blend in our Descaler breaks down calcium, lime and rust without giving off harsh fumes. The calcium, lime and rust that build up simply lift off the surface once the surfactants have penetrated the soil. The longer the dwell time the easier it is to clean.e.

Complete Ingredients: Water, Enviro Wizard surfactant blend and fragrance.

Material Data Sheet

Product Information Sheet


EnviroWizard Descaler is a non-caustic Industrial strength Descaler.

  • Contains a proprietary surfactant based formula designed to break down calcium, lime and rust.
  • Naturally lifts calcium, lime and rust from all surfaces
  • Bio-based and naturally derived product.
  • No Harsh fumes.
  • Can be discharged down the drain.
  • Alkaline solutions, but with a low VOC and high boiling point makes it safer than most products in the market.
  • Replacement for where strong acids are normally required.

What’s innovative about the Descaler?

  • A more sustainable Descaler.
  • The product is readily biodegradable.
  • It is a moderately alkaline solution that has been designed to remove calcium, lime and rust.
  • Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining surfactant technology with non-petroleum based solvents will remove calcium, lime and rust.
  • Energy-efficient product. The surfactants work well even at low temperatures, allowing wash temperature reductions and thereby energy savings.
    Surfactant technology that is naturally derived and renewable.

Available in
EW-Descaler-750mL W-Descaler-5L EW-Descaler-10L EW-Descaler-20L
750mL Spray 5L 10L 20L