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A ST Kilda company is responsible for keeping Port Phillip clean and green. Port Phillip Council is using environmentally friendly technology to clean and maintain council buildings, libraries, welfare homes, public toilets and grounds.

Enzyme Wizard, a company based on Punt Rd, St Kilda, is supplying the council with natural enzyme based products which are all pH neutral, non-caustic and non-corrosive.

Port Phillip Mayor Amanda Stevens said the council started a six-month trial of the Enzyme Wizard products in August 2011.

‘‘Following positive feedback, we began introducing it into our community centres, child care centres and other sites,’’ Cr Stevens said.

‘‘We are now using this product in 98 per cent of council sites and from January we will be increasing this to 100 per cent.’’

Cr Stevens said Port Phillip was committed to ensuring the sustainability of what the council bought and procured for its operations and services.

‘‘We are particularly pleased that these products are natural and environmental friendly,’’ she said.

Enzyme Wizard director Jamie Flinkier said the business had been supplying products to restaurants, hotels, councils, cleaners, nursing homes, schools and fast-food outlets.


ENZYME WIZARD are proud to have CLEVELAND CLEANING SUPPLIES www.cleveland.com.au on board as a new distributor. Fortunately CCS has 3 outlets throughout NSW including Wagga Wagga and Dubbo. Our products have been very well received through regional Victoria with Direct Hospitality and Rodburn growing in these areas. Enzyme Wizard hopes with Clevelend on board the products will continue to expand in the regional areas of NSW. For more details, please call Cleveland on 1300 760765 or Enzyme Wizard on 03-9533 2235.


Enzyme Wizard is thrilled to be accredited and approved by the "CHOOSE CRUELTY FREE" association.


Designed to encourage manufacturers and service providers to adopt a cruelty free ethic. Accreditation criteria is probably the most stringent in the world today. EW are proud to be placed on the Preferred Product List.

CBD sites adopting chemical-free, enzyme cleaning

In what is a significant market trend and one that reflects the move to sustainability, increasing numbers of major city CBD sites are adopting ‘chemical-free enzyme cleaning’.

“The use of enzymes to clean is not new in the industry but in the past has not been totally successful,” explained Clearchoice Products’ principal John Spiers. “The main reason for this is because different strains of enzymes when put together in a formula attack each other rather than the dirt.
“However, Melbourne manufacturer Enzyme Wizard has the technology that allows the different enzyme strains to co-exist together in the same formulation. Consequently, the enzymes can identify all different types of dirt and work together in a positive way to maximise results. Enzyme Wizard directors Jamie Flinkier and Raymond Subel have been demonstrating the Enzyme Wizard range to a large number ofcleaning companies and institutions over the past two years. It’s said their company’s range has been ‘widely accepted in the Victorian market as the way of the future in chemical free cleaning’.

Some six months ago Sydney BSC Ezko Property Services conducted trials using Enzyme Wizard products on Sydney CBD sites… and it found clients very receptive to the trials and to their results. Ezko’s principals Richard Kowalik, Charles Vasilas, Max Bekir and Vincent Femia have been at the forefront of this exercise as their company’s policy is to implement environmentally friendly cleaning. When asked by Ezko to come up with an environmental cleaning regime, Clearchoice Products proferred the Enzyme Wizard range.

“It has two main products to clean most surfaces and is chemicalfree. Ezko embraced the new system where only the enzyme and microfibre cloth are used to clean,” Spiers explained. Ezko’s contract manager Harkan Hasam, who oversaw the trials said, “all the applications were better than what was expected. All the cleaners using the product were also very happy as there is no need for colour coding because there are only two products used, one for the floor and one for all the surfaces above the floor.

“It is so easy to use and because it is chemical-free, there is no danger to our cleaners in relation to spills or accidental mixing ofharsh chemical. They love using it.” There is also a specific Enzyme Wizard range that tackles jobs such as carpets; mould and mildew; and internal drain cleaning ie., urinals and grease traps.

Image top: Pictured from left, Harkan Hasam, Max Bekir,
John Spiers, Richard Kowalik and Charlie Vasilas

What is the Safer Choice Label?

Safer ChoiceFinding products that are safer for you, your family and the environment should be easy – that’s why the EPA created the Safer Choice label. The Safer Choice label helps you identify products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance. When you see a product with the Safer Choice label, it means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in the product. Only the safest ingredients are allowed in products with the Safer Choice label.
See www.epa.gov/saferchoice for more information.

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