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Enzyme Wizard (Pty).Ltd is a true supplier of enzymes and enzyme products, not a wholesaler or broker of enzymes. As a result, we are able to guarantee the ingredients that go into the products we produce. We are not dependent on any one supplier for any single ingredient. We pass this savings on to our customers. As we bring new products on-line, our customers have the ability to experience additional savings


Top ten Products

No Rinse Floor Cleaner Concentrate 1L Twin Bottle

No Rinse Floor Cleaner pH Neutral formula for all floor surfaces. Leaves floors cleaner and safer. Uses Mop & Go technology for fast cleaning.

Mould and Mildew Concentrate 1L Twin Bottle

Bathroom/Kitchen Spray and wipe pH Neutral powerful formula for all surfaces including bench tops, tiles, sinks and glass and stainless steel. Attacks and prevents mould and mildew.