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About Us

Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd is a true supplier of enzymes and enzyme products, not a wholesaler or broker of enzymes. As a result, we are able to guarantee the ingredients that go into the products we produce. We are not dependent on any one supplier for any single ingredient. We pass this savings on to our customers. As we bring new products on-line, our customers have the ability to experience additional savings.
It is our corporate value to have the best performing products on the market in each industry. Developing a growing and satisfied customer base is our number one marketing strategy.

In the ultra-competitive cleaning solution marketplace, Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd’s future is seemingly boundless. There are literally hundreds of applications for a high quality enzyme solution, and an equal amount of markets in need of our products.
By its very nature, it can be used to eliminate odor and organic matter, including blood stains, to clean carpets and countertops, remove wallpaper, and even used as a high quality cleaner/degreaser.

Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd also supply enzymatic detergents to the healthcare industry. In addition to supplying cleaners to the medical industry, Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd also has the ability to supply various medical detergents as well as surgical milk to lubricate surgical instruments.
The medical and dental industries will be leading markets for Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd. Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd has access to solutions for several other markets including all-natural cleaning products for commercial and industrial buildings, bio-treatment for waste-water and industrial applications including fabric processing and remediation in the petroleum industry.

Enzyme Wizard Pty Ltd also has a broad range of retail products. Our retail line currently consists of niche products, as well as ongoing development of new products that are superior in performance, while minimizing the risk of personal and environmental harm.